Profiles, Interviews, and More

Profile by Stuart Miller, OC Register (September 2022)

“We Are All Of Us Animals” Review by Debbie Weingarten, High Country News (September 2022)

Literary MagNet by Dana Isokawa, Poets & Writers (September/October 2022)
Read about five literary journals that have published Talia’s work.

Q&A with Patrick Ryan, Editor in Chief of One Story (July 2022)
Read a behind the scenes Q&A and learn how Talia crafted “Let Your Body Meet The Ground.”

Podcast with Emily Everett, Managing Editor of The Common (July 2021)
Listen to Talia and Emily discuss writing from an animal perspective, writing inspiration, balancing creative work with a full-time job and more.

Interview with Caitlin Rae Taylor, Managing Editor of Southern Humanities Review (July 2019)
Read Talia and Caitlin’s discussion on grief’s impact on time perception, non-human characters, and more.